Photographer’s Letter

Dear reader,

I believe that nothing is really authentic unless you put a little bit of your soul in it! This is why I am writing this letter to you. This piece of work is gathered for you to see how your wedding day could look like. I am very glad that I have been given the chance and the privilege to do what I really love as a profession and I really do my best to evolve and reinvent myself as a photographer each day.

I was born in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Greece, Thessaloniki and lived there my early childhood years. Then, my family and I decided to move to Germany. I came back to Greece at the age of 18 starting my own path… I lived in Athens and now I am living in Crete! I love traveling, meeting new people, new cultures, colours and spices and fill my album with photographs and memories.

I first started taking pictures as a hobby after my parents gifted me my very first camera, then it became my passion… There is nothing I would rather do. I love the way a certain moment is captured and imprinted in a piece of paper for you to hold forever.

What I love the most is taking pictures of my daughter and my husband. This is the work I am proud of. Creating memories for my family is a gift. The moments of our lives show us what we are, what we’ve become and leading us to what we want to be.

That’s my concept. That is why I’ve chosen to create this service for you. I want to give people the opportunity to see all these beautiful memories in a magical piece of paper that will let them relive them again and again. And as someone very wise said: “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

It goes without saying that through my photography Ι aim to capture both the intimate and grand moments that happen as your wedding day unfolds – loved one’s tears as you exchange vows, the first time you hold each other as man and wife – but my absolute craving is for catching the special moments that are lost in the ordinary photography.

P.S.: Get a glimpse of my favourite picks & pics in the Gallery. You will actually see what I mean!

Yours sincerely,

Triantafillia Kalantzi