Crete- the ultimate wedding destination

Crete- the ultimate wedding destination

Crete is the island for your love & your special, private moments!
It has it all: a variety of breathtaking nature, fantastic light & the blend of history with a culture that other places may dream of.

The blue element.
As the clear blue sky full of light and the endless turquoise sea that can literally take your breath away! Crete can offer you many styles, from a minimal close wedding by the beach to a chic wedding with luxury and elegance!

Close to nature.
One of the most important assets of Crete is the unique landscapes, with wild nature and magnificent sets. You can choose between palm forests, beautiful lakes but also wild gorges with waterfalls. Don’t forget that Crete’s top tree is the olive tree and you can think about it as your wedding theme since it symbolizes many notions. Local village. Imagine cobblestone streets, traditional music, and warm people. If this is what your dream looks like then you should go with Crete. Last but not least, if nothing of these touches you Crete has much more to offer! Many stunning venues located in Crete are willing to host your wedding day reflected in the smallest, but most important details. Each hotel has everything needed to make the whole experience unique – superb cuisine, magnificent settings, and meticulous and personalized service.

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